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Scream (TV Series) Halloween Special Episode(s)

Goooooood morning horror fans,

Today we will have a discussion about the Halloween Special episodes that will air on October 18th on MTV 😇 Super excited! I cannot wait! Let me know if you have ANY questions and I will be happy to answer them... hopefully 😅

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Hello, first things first I don't mind the existence of another wikia about Scream MTV, but the thing is that some of the stuff from the original wikia are being copied and pasted on this wikia, which is not a cool thing to do. I will even list two articles that are exactly the same:



and if you look on the original Scream wiki.



Both are the same, ours were created first than yours and this can be easily proven. Also some pictures from there are here, but these I don't mind it. I am junst concerned about these pages and I'd like it to stop. If you guys are doing your own wikia, do it, but write your own stuff.

Sure thing 😊

Ok then, thank you kindly. Have a good night.

I changed Billie's death so far. Check it out!

Hey 😍

BuggestDream and Coyle98 are creating and helping me with the List of Deaths page 🤓

Good to know :)

I was wondering what is taking kinda long? Sorry if I'm sounding paranoid 😰

Coyle98 edited my home page. It's very good! Take a look 😀

I saw it earlier, pretty good.

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