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Season One (Reboot)

Since this is happening, does this mean we will see different characters POV of Season 1? Will we see Audrey's video, Nina Patterson and Tyler O'Neill? Will Nina and Tyler appear in this reboot...? 😱

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Has Noah responded yet? I wonder why he isn't responding to you...
Can you add your response to Nina and Tyler's comments on their pages? Thanks.
Not sure what do you want.
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Nina Patterson's house! Finally found the address!


ADDRESS -- 4411 Noeline Avenue, Encino, Los Angeles, California.

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What happened to Nina

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I made the directions of what happened to Nina Patterson

One of the directors of the show, [1], confirmed to a fan via Instagram DM that Piper Shaw was Nina Patterson's killer.

Piper decided to murder Nina out of jealousy because of Kieran Wilcox, her lover, possibly witnessed Nina leaving a bar with him prior to the night before Nina's murder.


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