The 2015 Lakewood Murders are teens getting brutally murdered at the hands of the Lakewood Slasher.

Season 1

  • Tyler O'Neill - Was part of a lesbian video that went viral.
  • Nina Patterson - Was the culprit and mastermind behind the video who filmed it and convinced Tyler to leak the viral video.
  • Rachel Murray - Was filming Nina and Kieran leaving a bar together the night before Nina was murdered. Kieran caught a glimpse of her recording and murdered her a few nights later.
  • Riley Marra - Was chosen by The Killer after Emma told him to leave Brooke alone.
  • Will Belmont - Was Emma's boyfriend, Emma was tricked into causing his death.
  • Sheriff Hudson - Was Kieran's father (hatred)
  • Grayson Pfieffer - Unknown

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