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Biographical Information
Full name Brandon James
Age 15 or 16
Eye color Brown
Hair color Light Brown
Occupation Serial Killer

High School Student (formerly)

Status Deceased (possibly alive)
Nickname TBA
Relationship Information
Family Cassie James (mother)

Mr. James (father)

Friends Daisy (crush)
Enemies Everyone
Other Information
Interests Killing
Talent(s) Killing
Secrets Was obsessed with Daisy

Murdered 5 students

Strengths Killing
Weaknesses Love
Education George Washington High School
Death Shot in back
Cause of Death Shot in back; fell into Wren Lake
Date of Death October 31, 1995
Murderer Police Officers
Series Information
Season(s) One (only in flashback/photo)

Two (mentioned)
Three (possibly)

Powers / skills
Last appearance Pilot
Latest appearance Pilot

Brandon James is a minor character. He had an love obsession with his next-door neighbor Daisy Anderson in high school back in 1994. Brandon snapped after being bullied for so long and started brutally murdering five high school students on Halloween night.

He agreed to meet Daisy at Wren Lake and told her that he never meant to hurt anyone. However, it was a set up and the police shot Brandon in the back. His body falls into the water.

However, we later learn that he did not die at the lake. Daisy and her young friend, Miguel Acosta, found Brandon injured but still alive outside the lake. They buried his knife and vowed not to tell anyone. Brandon left a note that said "Don't forget me" and disappeared, never to be seen again for the next twenty years.

Committed Murders

1) Dara Aldean

2) Brett Kenner

3) Trent Price

4) Laura Cossey

5) Mike Vinson