This is the personalities of the characters in Scream.

Nina Patterson: was an extremely cruel, sadistic and sociopathic bully Queen Bee. She was something of a misanthrope, and took to callously bullying both her henchmen and her targets alike. She would go so far as to target the supremely weak individuals in a group - namely Audrey Jensen - and to lead vicious gang attacks on said persons. Nina was also extremely arrogant, narcissistic and self-righteous: a spoiled brat, Nina would never see the wrong in anything she did, shown when she bullied Audrey throughout her life, but in her own eyes had done nothing wrong and violently insisted so.

When Tyler O'Neill is convinced to upload the video for the incident, Nina cruely bites back by saying to Tyler that "the weak are outed and then eaten." Tyler, thinking that Nina had done nothing wrong. Nina is a villainous, and narcissistically disregarding the fact that the viral video was as important to her as it was to lack a certain morality or restraint disturbed and repelled Audrey. Nina was very homicidal and a sadomasochist at heart, personally filming and leaking the video - as part of an elaborately sadistic plan against the latter in George Washington High School.

Nina, especially in the most recent remake, is shown to be extremely obsessive: she was intensely obsessed with tormenting Audrey in a delusional recognition of putting her in detention and later suspention - both of which were entirely Nina's fault, ironically. Even when Audrey had the complete upper hand in her confrontation with Rachel Murray, Interestingly, Nina tried to beg The Killer for her life when she was on the edge of her life, in the belief that - in spite of everything Nina had done - she would be worth saving to everyone. This reveals that she can be scared when it comes to deadly situations and is not fearless.

Tyler O'Neill: