Biographical Information
Full name Dara Aldean
Age 17
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Occupation High School Student
Status Deceased
Relationship Information
Other Information
Education George Washington High School
Death Throat slashed; blood loss
Cause of Death Throat slit open with hunting knife by Brandon James; blood loss
Date of Death October 31, 1994
Murderer Brandon James
Series Information
Season(s) One
Powers / skills Wanna Play A Game?
Last appearance The Dance (photo)
Latest appearance Wanna Play A Game?

Dara Aldean, also known as Victim #1, is the first victim of the Lakewood 1994 Murder Killing Spree. She is portrayed by Taylor Murphy.

Dara is possibly killed by Brandon James. She is the first victim of the 1994 Killing Spree.

Season 1

Dara is seen running in fear across a field. She unknowingly bumps right into Brett Keener. A panicked and scared Dara asks Brett what he did to Brandon. "What he deserved." Brett replies, looking around.

Dara dies

Once Brett turns back around, he looks in horror. Dara starts choking and reveals that her throat has been slashed open.

Helpless, Dara continues choking on her own blood as she falls to the ground, dead.

A picture of Dara's body is shown for a brief moment in the beginning of the episode.

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