IMG 6953
Biographical Information
Full name Gina McLane
Age Late 20s
Eye color Green
Hair color Light Brown
Occupation Movie Theater Manager
Status Alive
Relationship Information
Friends Lakewood Six
Other Information
Interests Unknown
Talent(s) Unknown
Secrets Unknown
Strengths Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown
Education Unknown
Cause of Death
Date of Death
Series Information
Season(s) Two
Powers / skills Halloween
Last appearance Halloween II
Latest appearance Halloween II

Gina McLane is a recurring character in Season 2. She is Audrey Jensen's new girlfriend.


She is the new girlfriend of Audrey Jensen. She was initially jealous of Emma Duval, believing that Audrey would leave her for Emma. She goes to Shallow Grove Island and is stalked by a killer along with the others. Tom finds her, but is saved by Emma, allowing Gina to escape to safety. In the aftermath, Gina accepts that Emma will be a part of Audrey's life, and stays with her.


  • She is the only new character in the Halloween Special that survived

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