Gustavo A
Biographical Information
Full name Gustavo Acosta
Age 18
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Occupation High School Student
Status Alive
Nickname Stavo (by everyone)
Relationship Information
Family Miguel Acosta (father)
Friends Brooke Maddox (ex-girlfriend)

Emma Duval (best friend)
Audrey Jensen
Noah Foster
Zoë Vaughn

Enemies Audrey Jensen (frenemy)
Other Information
Interests Drawing Lakewood Six
Talent(s) Drawing
Secrets * Moved to Lakewood
Strengths Drawing graphic and bloody pictures of Lakewood Six
Weaknesses TBA
Education George Washington High School
Cause of Death
Date of Death
Series Information
Season(s) Two
Powers / skills
Last appearance Halloween II
Latest appearance Halloween II

Gustavo "Stavo" Acosta is a main character in Scream. He is portrayed by Santiago Segura.

He is a dark, brooding outsider, constantly observing everyone from the sidelines. Gustavo is the son of Miguel Acosta and the romantic interest of Brooke Maddox. Much like Noah Foster, he is passionate about horror, serial killers and comic books. Plus, he happens to be a very skilled artist.

Brooke and Gustavo found themselves having unintentional encounters with one another at the start of Season 2. As the season progressed, Gustavo helped Brooke on several occasions like pretending to be her boyfriend to get rid of Seth Branson and guiding her through the side effects of Ayahuasca, the drug that was spiked on the tequila on Kieran Wilcox's birthday party. Following these incidents, Brooke sought Gustavo to help her blame Branson for the death of Jake Fitzgerald. Gustavo made her promise that she will not hold anything against Branson.

As the season continued, it was clear that they cared about each other. In Village of the Damned, Brooke invited him to stay the night at her house as a way to cope after the disaster of the Lakewood Days Carnival, and in The Orphanage, after sleeping together, Gustavo told Brooke her father's secret about Jake. Brooke invited him again to her house in the same episode. In When a Stranger Calls, Brooke was stabbed by The Killer, and Gustavo cried at the hospital for her. In Halloween, he and the Lakewood Six are stalked by a new killer, but make it out unscathed.