Kevin Duval is the ex-husband of Maggie and father of Emma.


At some point during his marriage with Maggie, he was attacked by Brandon James, who had unrequited feelings Maggie. This resulted Kevin and Maggie's divorce, with Kevin leaving Lakewood and Maggie and Emma haven't contacted him since he left, vice versa, and didn't know where he was living. Following the death of Piper Shaw after her murdering spree, Kevin decides to return to Lakewood to help Emma recuperate.

In Season 2, Kevin is revealed to have been abusive to Maggie due to getting drunk too often before he left her out of guilt. He left Lakewood again shortly before the new killer had revealed their existence to the public to get help for himself. However, at the end of the episode Halloween/Halloween II, Kevin is shown watching Kieran Wilcox's grave.