Kieran / The 2nd Killer
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Biographical Information
Full name Kieran Wilcox
Age 18
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Occupation High School Student

Serial Killer

Status Deceased
Nickname Abercrombie (by Will Belmont)

"Too Cute To Be The Killer" (by Brooke Maddox)
Sick Psychopath (by Emma Duval in Season 2)

Relationship Information
Family Clark Hudson (father; deceased)

Unnamed Mother (mother)
Eli Hudson (cousin; deceased)
Tina Hudson (aunt)

Friends Emma Duval (formerly dated)

Jake Fitzgerald (deceased)
Brooke Maddox
Riley Marra (deceased)
Piper Shaw (girlfriend until her death)

Enemies Emma Duval (until Season 2)

Audrey Jensen (until Season 2)
Noah Foster (until Season 2)

Other Information
Interests Murdering


Talent(s) Murdering
Secrets * Accidentally killed his mother and stepfather
  • Murdered his own father (revealed in Season 2)
  • Knew Piper Shaw before moving to Lakewood
  • Helped Piper on her killing spree
Strengths * Killing his victims
Weaknesses Accidentally exposes himself as The Killer in Season 2 to Emma Duval and Audrey Jensen. He was subdued rather easily and without a scratch shortly after, despite his efforts.
Education George Washington High School
Death Stabbed in back of neck
Cause of Death Throat slashed open then stabbed in back of neck with hunting knife
Date of Death October 24, 2016
Murderer Third Killer
Series Information
Season(s) OneTwo
Powers / skills
Last appearance Halloween
Latest appearance Halloween

Kieran Wilcox was a main character in Scream only to be revealed as The Killer in Season 2. He started off as the hidden secondary antagonist in Season 1, and later the main antagonist in the second season.

He is portrayed by Amadeus Serafini.

Clark Hudson left Kieran in Atlanta in order to support his addiction to pain pills. During his time in Atlanta, Kieran began stalking a girl and framed his cousin Eli Hudson for it. Kieran lived with his stepfather and mother in Atlanta until they died in a car accident, which was indirectly (or directly) caused by him.

At some point, Kieran met Piper Shaw and formed a romantic bond with her through their shared hatred for the parents who abandoned them. Piper convinced Kieran to embrace his psychopathic urges and help her committ a series of murders in order to make Kieran's father, the Lakewood Sheriff and Piper's mother Maggie Duval, the medical examiner feel helpless in stopping their rampage.

After moving to Lakewood, Kieran began getting close to Emma Duval (Piper's half-sister) in order to gain her trust under the pretence of having romantic feelings for her.

After killing several people, including Clark and Emma's boyfriend Will Belmont, Piper attempted to kill Emma and Maggie; though Piper injures Maggie and overpowers Emma, she was shot in the chest by Audrey Jensen, the person responsible for bringing Piper to Lakewood and then shot in the head by Emma, killing her.

Piper's corpse was retrieved by Kieran and stored in The Orphanage were she was raised. Enraged by her death, Kieran became motivated to start another killing spree once Emma returned from therapy, as he plans to kill both her and Audrey to avenge Piper's death.

After killing numerous people, including Jake Fitzgerald and Mayor Quinn Maddox, Kieran unintentionally revealed himself as the killer to Emma, by saying that "she would feel safe again", Emma had been previously called by the killer, who said "you will never feel safe again".

Exposed, Kieran then shoots Eli dead when he attempted to protect Emma from him. Despite his efforts, Kieran was rather quickly subdued by Audrey and Emma, who spared him from death and let him be arrested by the police instead.

Months after his arrest, Kieran gets a phone call from someone who says "Hello Kieran. Who told you, you could wear my mask?", much to Kieran's clear surprise. At his trial, he was sent to 10 consecutive life sentences in prison,one for each of his 10 victims. After the trial, the killer sneaks into the courthouse, kills Kieran's guard and confronts him. Kieran asks him who he/she is; the killer responds by slicing his throat open, and then stabbing him in the back of the neck, ending the deranged serial killer.

Murders Committed

Season 1

Season 2


Like numerous clinically-diagnosed psychopaths, Kieran wears a metaphorical mask of normalcy throughout the series, establishing himself as a cool-headed schemer and gaining the trust of those around him, despite his rather untrustworthy physical appearance. Even with this mask, Kieran's psychopathic tendencies tend to seep through and become apparent to the viewer, particularly in the Season 1.

He could torture people to the fullest extent without killing them, like he did with Seth Branson before finally finishing him off. Kieran also displays narcissistic tendencies, his most obvious ones being his obsessive desire for power and sense of entitlement, as well as manipulating Emma to achieve his goals. It is not until Kieran gains control of the situation that fully shows his true colors, becoming arrogant and short-tempered with the Lakewood Six after usurping power from Piper, who is now deceased.

Kieran also was depicted as laughing excessively and in a deranged manner shortly after accidentally revealing himself to Emma and Audrey, suggesting that Kieran was also insane and suffered from hysteria. It is this impulsive behavior that leads to his downfall, as he uses his acting skills to become an omnipotent killer, unaware of the life inside of himself.


In a courthouse holding cell, Kieran, hearing a noise, looks up to see a person in the Killer's costume laying face down in the ventilation vents above him, looking down at him. Nervous of what the killer will do, Kieran tells the nearby security guard that he needs to "use the can". The security guard refuses while writing notes down on a pad nearby.

Who Are You?

The Killer slightly opens the vent, but the guard hears the vent creaking. When he turns around in surprise, the Killer jumps out of the vent and murders the guard by twisting/snapping his neck 180 degrees, while Kieran watches in shock from inside his cell, amazed at the killer's superior brutality.

The Killer then takes the guard's keys, lets Kieran out and confronts him. "Alright. You kept your word. So you're going to tell me who you are?" Kieran asks. The Killer stares silently for a few seconds before giving his response: swiftly gliding the knife across Kieran's throat, slicing it open.

Throat Slit

Completely dumbfounded and full of bewilderment, a gurgling Kieran drops to his knees and falls to the ground. As Kieran clutches his neck, bleeding profusely, he sees that the prison guard dropped his gun. He desperately attempts to crawl toward the gun, but the Killer pins him down.

Neck Stab

The Killer then strikes the knife down into Kieran in the back of the neck, twisting it, finishing him off.

Kieran dead

He then turns Kieran on his back and admires his work as Kieran's corpse continues to bleed out.


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