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Biographical Information
Full name Miguel Acosta
Age 40s
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Occupation New Sheriff of Lakewood
Status Alive
Nickname Sheriff Acosta (by everyone)
Relationship Information
Family Gustavo Acosta (son)
Friends Maggie Duval

Emma Duval
Audrey Jensen
Noah Foster
Brooke Maddox
Zoë Vaughn

Enemies The Killer

Kieran Wilcox
Eli Hudson

Other Information
Interests * Protecting Gustavo
Talent(s) Sheriff protecting
Secrets Took care of Brandon James after he was shot with Maggie
Strengths Protecting citizens
Weaknesses Protecting Gustavo from getting hurt
Education Unknown
Cause of Death
Date of Death
Series Information
Season(s) Two
Powers / skills I Know What You Did Last Summer
Last appearance Halloween
Latest appearance When a Stranger Calls

Sheriff Miguel Acosta is a main character in Scream.

He is portrayed by Anthony Ruivivar.


As an outspoken and experienced cop, Sheriff Acosta returns to Lakewood, where he grew up. He is a devoted, if sometimes strict, family man who’s very protective of his son Gustavo.