In my opinion, Season 2 would have been better. So, I decided to "re-imagine" Season 2, changing it in some ways, making it more terrifying.

Hope you like it. Feel free to praise/criticize.



Meet the Characters


Season 2

Chapter 1

A pop song plays in the background as the movie begins. A lanky high school Asian boy with black framed glasses walks into his bedroom during a thunderstorm as he gets ready to take a dip in his hot tub.

A phone rings as the boy looks back and dresses back up to answer the phone.

BOY: Hello?

MAN: Hello?

BOY: Who is this?

MAN: You tell me." Voice in the Stab movie says.

BOY: Tyler? I swear to God, I feel like you're inside my house...

MAN: Look out back, see me anywhere, Brett?

BOY: Where are you calling from anyway?

MAN: Right here.

The Asian boy looks around his bedroom. Unsettled and angry, the boy walks out to his backyard, towards his hot tub.

A killer jumps out of a window onto the boy as his face gets splashed face first into the water. The Killer whips out a hunting knife and slashes across the boy's back. Blood leaked down. The killer then puts his knife in the water, and swiftly swishes it across the boy's throat. Blood slowly flowed around him.